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It looks like quite a bit of time passed without me knowing about it.

I guess we were data frozen.

At least we weren't pranked. That's good. I guess.

Locked to Mika, Cloud, and Reno

All right, I'm making a rule!

At least once a week, either I need to be dragged out of work or I'm dragging you three out to hang out.

Since I'm apparently missing everything and I can't let that continue.

Nov. 21st, 2009

[The sound of a scream]

Aerith! Aerith, calm down!

No! No, it's not true! Get out of my head! Get out, get out, get out!

Aerith...Aerith, please, stop! What's wrong?!

She's in my head! She won't get out!

[Backdated to 18th/Audio]


You okay, Aerith?

Jeeze...he really hit us hard...but why didn't they finish us of-why are we somewhere else?

We were kidnapped for a few days.




Y-you okay?

....I thought I was over being kidnapped!
Hey, Reno, I'm going to come over, okay?

Backdated to the 6th

.....he didn't sign out.

No one saw him leave.

And no signal from his D-comm.

...I'm sorry, Aerith.

...it might be better. Reno said there's a cure back home waiting to come. So....he'll be cured, at least.

I got those pictures developed that I took at Reno's party.

And I can't quite remember what was going on in...most of them.

And some seem quite......odd.

So, anyone want to help clarify some of them?

Oh, also, Miss Dora, thank you for helping me get Cloud to the party. It was a lot easier to hogtie him when he couldn't push you away.

((OOC: Feel free to make up whatever pictures Aerith took! She'll be sending the subjects she sees in the pictures to those people to try and clarify what's going on.))

Backdated to day after Cloud's party.

Now see, Cloud, THAT'S how you let loose. I hope everyone enjoyed the party. And Cloud, as soon as you get over the hang over, I bet you'll have remembered enjoying it too.

[Locked to Reno]

Also, I have something for you~!

Backdated to 28th

Hello. Since I haven't seen anyone ask yet, or maybe I just missed it, I suppose I should just say it here.

I found a Digi-egg at the battlefield in Neon. Does anyone know if they're missing their partner?